5 Unique Presents to Celebrate Motherhood in the Workplace

May 4, 2022

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what to get your mother, wife, — or coworker! 

It’s that time of year again. Mother’s Day is a very special holiday that we dedicate to the most important women in our lives. 

There’s an exciting feeling in the air when we make an extra-special effort to recognize and appreciate the incomparable role that mothers play. 

For many people, this holiday is usually spent having quality bonding time with their families—like enjoying a special dinner together or watching a movie together, and some will travel to visit their mothers.

However, for working mothers, the day can be a little more complicated.  

Motherhood can be challenging for every mom, and it certainly doesn’t get simpler for all the working moms out there. 

According to a survey conducted by Welch’s on 2,000 American mothers with kids between 5 and 12 years of age, working mothers work from approximately 6:30 in the morning to 8:30 at night. They work a 14-hour day, seven days a week. That’s about the same as 2.5 full-time jobs!

And although Mother’s Day is a national holiday widely observed in the U.S., it is not a public holiday where businesses are closed.

Not only that, offices don’t often have special celebrations planned for the occasion, and it can sometimes feel like an afterthought. The workplace can be a challenging place to find time for Mother’s Day celebrations. 

But this year, we can change that.

With a little dash of creativity, the workplace can be a great place to show your hard working heroes some appreciation.

By taking part in the Mother’s Day celebrations in our office, you are boosting the morale of your employees and increasing their commitment to your company. And let’s be honest, it’s also very fun!

If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas, here are 5 fun and creative ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day in the workplace.

1. Decorate her desk

Although browsing for your next dream car through your computer screen seems more convenient, there’s nothing like seeing your options in person.

Walking into a dealership, you’ll be able to see all of the available cars on site. 

It will be much easier to tell what kind of car will suit your needs if you can see and compare several in person, rather than just guessing about them online.

A YouGov survey of 1,873 drivers by The Motor Ombudsman found that needing to rely on photos and reports rather than seeing a car in person is one of the biggest barriers consumers have in making a purchase online.

Only car dealerships will allow you the experience of seeing the cars in action.

There is also the very important factor of getting to test drive the car, and sometimes even to test drive it with your family to see if the car will really accommodate your needs.

All of these essential experiences in the car buying process are only accessible at car dealerships.

2. Get orchids delivered

When in doubt, go for a stunning (and long-lasting) flower arrangement.  It’s easy to contact your local florist and schedule a delivery.

A bouquet of flowers is all good, but they usually last only a day or two. 

Many moms love growing plants and gardens, so we would recommend orchids that are sustainably grown and barely require any upkeep. 

No matter the color or type, striking orchid plants will bring elegance and beauty to any room and take that special someone’s breath away!

Plus, it would be the moms’ choice to take it home with them or keep it in the office as a reminder of the sweet gesture.

3. Have a balloon bouquet personalized 

One fun way to celebrate motherhood in the workplace is to get a personalized, one-of-a-kind balloon bouquet for all of the mothers in your office. 

This colorful and creative twist to the traditional bouquet will surely brighten the moms’ desks on their special day. 

The best thing about balloon gifts is that they are flexible. You can let your local balloon artist know the design that you’re thinking of and they will be happy to create it for you!

You can include a short note of appreciation with each balloon, send a balloon bouquet on its own, or add a balloon to your plant or flower delivery.

The choices are endless, and it’s guaranteed to brighten their day!

4. Surprise her with a spa day gift card

Moms take on a boatload of responsibilities, both at home and in the workplace. 

They work twice as hard and do what needs to be done without a let-up. 

Sometimes, the best gift is just to acknowledge how hard they’ve been trying.

Give them the pampering that they deserve with a spa day gift card (and if you’re feeling generous, a gift card for two so they can spend the day with a loved one!)

This way, they can rest on their special day and finally put themselves first.

5. Get artsy with a scrapbook album

Is your workplace big on taking pictures and posting them on social media? 

Bring out the photos, warm up the printer, and get your creative juices flowing as you create a “family” scrapbook. 

Have a good laugh along the way as you go through old memories with your teammates or coworkers. 

It will be different from a digital gallery or social media post, because this scrapbook will tell the story of the friendship you’ve built within the workplace. 

Not only that, but this is a physical copy that she can browse and return to, time and time again.

To wrap it all up…

.Working mothers are some of the world’s unsung heroes. They are a resilient group, who often become the emotional pillars in the workplace because of their caring nature.

There are many creative ways to reach out to the moms in the office to show them a little extra comfort, love, and recognition. After all, we have all had moms, and we know they deserve credit for all they do.

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Whatever you do, make sure to spread the love and make your loved ones smile this Mother’s Day.