5 Ways to Celebrate A “Not-Awkward” Valentine’s Day Party at Work

Feb 4, 2022

Cupid’s day-of-love is coming, and this is your time to show appreciation in the workplace!

It’s important to remind people around you to take a break, reconnect, and ignite your most important relationships. Especially in a time when almost everyone is living their own hectic schedules.

You want to be a company that encourages people to say: Yes – someone loves me. So why not throw a Valentine’s Day party to recognize that your team has important ties in their lives, in a fun and appropriate way?

But how can you arrange a celebration that is so personal, and not make it feel awkward?

The last thing you want is for your precious team members to get the wrong idea from all the excitement, balloons, and hearts all over the place.

It’s more important than ever to do this RIGHT. Because, after all, holidays are great motivators in creating unity among your colleagues and employees.

Some people don’t really like Valentine’s Day. It’s not your fault.

But it is your opportunity.

So we have collected five ways for you to be creative and keep the 14th of February both sweet and professional in the workplace.

Here are the 5 ways to take the awkwardness out of your V-Day celebration at the office:

1. Sponsor A Charity

Make an announcement via email or during a meeting that this Valentine’s Day, you’re throwing a party to raise money for a charity for a change.

Round up a list of at least 5 charities, include local organizations in your area if possible, and involve everyone in the office by asking them to pick the cause that the company will support this year.

February is also Heart Health Awareness month, so it’s a great idea to select a health-conscious cause like:

  • American Heart Association
  • The Children’s Heart Foundation
  • Children’s HeartLink
  • WomenHeart
  • HeartBrothers Foundation
  • The Mended Hearts, Inc.
  • Harboring Hearts

You can raise funds by organizing a food or bake sale, a V-day gift basket auction, or by simply asking for donations in any amount.

If your office is not doing the work-from-home setup anymore, make it more entertaining by asking everyone to take part in this game:

  • Put 5 jars and 1 container of paper hearts in a common area in your office
  • Explain that each jar represents a charity and every paper heart is equal to $20 (you can change the amount per paper heart)
  • Ask them to donate to their chosen charity
  • Make things easier by deducting their donation/s automatically from their paychecks
  • Every donation is a raffle entry to a nice Valentine’s Day giveaway (dinner at a fancy restaurant, overnight stay for two at a hotel, etc.)
  • Once this is done, match the amount you’ve raised to double your company’s donation to the charities you’ve chosen
  • Invite representatives from the charities and give them the donations personally 
  • Announce the winners of your V-Day donation raffle

It’s important to highlight this as the main event of your party. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by showing love to people in need?

Your employees are going to feel good about doing something nice for others early this year. There’s no need to wait for Christmas to pay it forward—do it now!

No one can call your party too cheesy and awkward now when there’s a common goal to help the less fortunate. 

If all goes well this year, you can continue doing this and make your V-day party an annual charity event!

2. Make It About Your Employees

To make your V-day party more special, showing appreciation to your employees is a great start.

Don’t get all general this year, but make the effort of recognizing their hard work individually.

Expressing how much you value everything that they do can be incredibly meaningful for them.

Through this gesture, people will feel seen and included during this holiday even if they don’t have a significant other.

Include a short segment in your program where you mention key team players who contributed a lot during last year and give everyone a token of appreciation after a very heartfelt speech.

To make it more personal, you can have other leaders or supervisors write a short thank-you note to their respective staff members.

Doing this simple act of recognition evokes a feeling of togetherness in your company that can boost the morale of everyone!

The best part of this is that your employees are going to feel more rewarded and motivated in the future.

It’s the perfect way to start Q1 on a good note. Steer your company into a more productive year through this event!

3. Give The Grown-Ups Some Treats

As an obvious way of showing appreciation towards your employees, use Valentine’s Day to give out quantities of delicious food to everyone in the office.

You can build up the excitement by sending them different treats before the actual party. Here are some ideas:

-Pizzas (heart-shaped, of course)

And don’t forget to allow them to munch on these during working hours. Everyone’s gonna love you for these.

By doing this before the actual party, you show you value the people in your company and it’s not just about making the event a success.

Remember that having good food delivered to the office can go a long way in establishing a sense of trust, belonging, and respect among employees.

You’re going to pull out all the stops in preparing the best-tasting menu for your main Valentine’s Day celebration. We know that already.

We’re just making sure you have a pre-game plan to get the buzz and excitement you need to make your event a success.

4. Encourage Everyone to Dress & Impress

You have chosen a charity and your food is ready. What’s next? You need to have a theme.

A party won’t be complete without it, so put on those thinking caps and brainstorm with your team.

Choose a theme that resonates with your company’s vision.

Are you going for a casual gathering or a more formal soirée?

Do you want to require everyone to wear red, pink, and white clothing?

It all depends on you! The only thing you need to keep in mind is that all attire should meet your dress code requirements.

Give your employees the opportunity to dress to the nines, if it’s a fancy gala, or just express themselves in their own personal way if you’re organizing a relaxed get-together!

Your theme will dictate the flow of your party, so make sure you’re creating a friendly yet professional environment for everyone.

5. Go All Out With Your Decor

You may think that decorating your venue from floor to ceiling is the opposite of staging a “not awkward” Valentine’s Day event.

Again, you’re going at it from the wrong perspective. You can’t pull off your theme, no matter how exceptional it is, without the right decorations.

That includes balloon decor, flowers, centerpieces, backdrop, table decor, and so much more.

Go all out, but still aim for a minimalist and aesthetic feel. It’s totally possible with the right vision!

Make a deep dive on Pinterest for inspiration and make sure you pick the right suppliers to bring your V-Day ideas to life.

You don’t need to make it sparkly or over the top. Do the research and find the perfect combination of your chosen theme and what your employees would love.

If you can’t figure out what they want, just answer this question:

What kind of decor would make them whip out their phone and take a picture or video the moment they come inside the venue?

Use this as your guide in decorating your Valentine’s Day party. A well thought-of and aesthetically pleasing venue won’t make things cheesy and awkward, trust us!

Now, you are ready to organize your company’s best “not-awkward” Valentine’s Day party!

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