7 Palette Trends In 2022 To Pull Off The Perfect Event Without Drowning In A Sea Of Color Choices

Feb 14, 2022


Imagine the horror of selecting the color palette without giving it much thought, only to find out on the day of the event that it doesn’t match the client’s color scheme.

So annoying, right?

For any event, big or small, your chosen color palette will set the tone of your celebration. This is one of the things you should decide early on when planning an occasion.

But how to start when there are a million colors to choose from? Not to mention that you also need to mix and match it with EVERYTHING ELSE at your party.

We’ve experienced this too many times and we don’t want to let you make the same mistake!

So here is a fact…

Your color scheme is a BIG FACTOR in whether or not your event is a success, and we are here to make your life easier.

Instead of spending hours on the internet looking for inspiration, you can now start here as we round up 7 color palette trends in 2022.

Rest assured that experts in the events industry have picked the hottest palettes so you can never go wrong.

Save yourself the unnecessary stress of choosing your colors. We know it’s overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be.

You’ll make up your mind once you’re done reading this post.

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1. Neutrals Are Always In

A neutral palette exudes a sense of subtlety and intimacy. Some may say that it’s basic, but highlighting nature’s organic hues is the best way to go if you are going for an elegant setup for your event.

Vibrant colors are great attention grabbers, but in certain events where people need to stay for longer periods, it’s always preferable choice to pick a combination of neutrals to create an environment that’s easy on the eyes.

This is perfect for creating a cozy ambiance for your guests, and this color combination is versatile enough to be used for both daytime and nighttime celebrations.

You can start with whites, creams, browns, and greens. Gravitate towards lighter colors for daytime occasions, and select darker brown and beige for galas or other evening functions.

If it’s still too muted for your theme, incorporate subdued pastels or add a touch of gleaming accent color for a sparkling design.

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2. Yes Yes Yes, Yellow

Considered the most cheerful color, yellow should be your choice of hue for celebratory events. Its vibrant visual appeal conveys a feeling of happiness, giving your guests a nice warm feeling when they walk into the venue.

This color is three things:

Keeping these in mind, you will definitely bring out the fun with the yellow palette. Light up any kind of space and create a joyful atmosphere by infusing a splash of bright sunshine yellow to capture people’s attention.

Another great thing about this color is its wide range of hues, giving you many tones to choose from regardless of the season or theme of your event.

You can pair yellow with a white base to bring a sunny and casual vibe to your surroundings. And if you’re going in the other direction, choose brown to match your sophisticated event without losing the feeling of warmth.

Pro-tip: Match the colors of your yellows to the season to make your job easier. Daffodils for spring, sunflowers for summer, and the golden tone of leaves for fall.

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3. Earth Tones To Go Rustic & Romantic

When you’re stuck deciding on your colors, why not go outside?

Take a walk in the park that’s nearest to you or a place where you’ll be surrounded by nature.

There’s a good chance that before you go back in, you’ll find inspiration thanks to Mother Earth.

It’s surprising how a color palette that used to be considered slightly “off” and dirty has become one of the top trends in events and celebrations.

Dirty yellows, dark reds/oranges, olive greens, umber, and rust are just a few examples of this palette. Use any of these colors to nail that rustic and vintage color scheme – this looks so good when you pull it off!

These colors blend so beautifully together that every person who walks into your venue will want to whip out their phone and take pictures of your decorations.

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4. Pull It Off with Pantone Purple

This year’s Pantone color of 2022 is “Very Peri,” and it’s about time that we brought the color purple back into our top color choices when it comes to events.

This rich and romantic color gives you more options when staging an intimate event than the usual color scheme of pale hues, greens, and ivory.

Pantone introduced Very Peri as a “rekindling gratitude for some qualities that blue represents, complemented by a new perspective that resonates today, placing the future ahead in a new light”.

This color is an answer to where we are right now and how we want to move forward. And don’t you think that this kind of explanation makes it the best color scheme for all your events post-pandemic?

It’s just nice symbolism for what everybody has been through during the last couple of years. Combining this with silver, chrome, coral, pink, vibrant purple, black, and/or white can make a beautiful setup that evokes a more emotional tone than the usual lavender color palette.

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5. Lively and Poppin’ Colors

Pastels have reigned over the event industry for awhile now, so experts say that it’s time to change it up by choosing bold and bright hues for your event.

You need to be brave and firm with your vision when dealing with these strong colors. Set a theme and design of your event to make sure that you’ll get that refreshing pop of color without being overwhelming to the eyes.

When you are staging a positive event, it’s better to go all out with your color selection because let’s face it – nothing beats a colorful celebration!

Try something new this year, take a risk and pick bold colors for your events to make them more memorable.

For an easier time deciding, pair your main hues with a more relaxed shade to complement each other.

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6. Summer-Fall Color Combo

Like everyone else, you might have thought of organizing an event in late summer – early fall because of the cooler weather and better overall ambiance during this time.

This color palette is made for this kind of event, mixing traditional colors of the two seasons to create a unique palette that everyone will love.

It’s nice to break the rules once in a while. Instead of shying away from the color staples associated with either summer or fall, surprise your guests by combining the two – because it works!

Choose white and ivory colors, then pair them with lush greens plus red and golden mustard hues. It’s a perfect balance: not too much summer, not too much fall.

Let your imagination run wild with this color palette idea, transform your event into something that’s both refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

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7. Get Big On Baby Blue Hues

Another color that’s going to be a staple for 2022 is light blue. Whether it’s periwinkle, powder blue, morning blue, or ice blue – it will work for any event and blend with any design theme all year round..

It’s not hard to understand why this is a color trend, especially when you realize how calming it is to look at. Imagine your guests feeling all relaxed because of the calm, pleasant ambiance at your event.

Pick baby blue as your main color and select navy, blush, lilac, or burnt orange to create a completely different feel. Any of these combinations will keep a soft visual look throughout your decor.

This color, in all of its shades, will always be a mainstay in the top palette trends because of its classic and comfortable feel.

Overall, you should choose the palette that feels the most natural and authentic in regard to the purpose of your event.

Brainstorm with your team on what colors to use and WHERE TO USE them specifically. There’s a color for your tables, stage, chairs, tableware, centerpieces, candles, flowers, balloon decor, and so much more. The list goes on.

Remember: the color palette of your event is more than just decor—it affects how your guests feel about the whole occasion and how are they going to remember it.

You’ve got tons of work to do at your next event, right? We want to help you.

We’ll take balloon decor off your to-do list, including helping you decide what’s the best color palette for your event theme.

Set up a call today!