Organic Balloon Mania: On The Run, Submerged by Air!

Jul 30, 2020

Organic Balloon Designs have No Rules! It goes beyond simply perfect and consistent sized balloons. The design style has undulating lines, dynamic curves, powerful arches, in contrast to geometrics, yet a professional looking organic design will have the principle and elements of designs seamlessly present in all of their designs.

Organic design styles are opened to your imagination. It doesn’t matter if the designs are made round, triangle, square, arched, horizontal, vertical Shapes, curvy, and diagonal or your version of a shaped design, it works.

Organic designs are super flexible for incorporating a variety of elements that are balloon related or non-balloon related. It all comes together perfectly. 

I must confess, I was not quick to offer organic balloon decor because I didn’t really care for the look at first. After seeing the organic designs being created in a more stunning and elegant style, I was hooked. So hooked, I entered the Organic Competition at FLOAT Balloon Convention and won 2nd place.

Organic Decor is here to stay like Classic Balloon Decor. Below are some samples that I’ve created in various shapes, designs and of course with the principle and Elements of designs.

Here is an example of ROUND or Half ROUND Round shaped designs creating a view from any side, and arranged in proper proportion to the space use.

The round can be made by creating a garland of balloons, then wrapping them around the circular frame. The balloons can be added directly to the pole as well. 

For the Blue Teddy Bear example, I used a Hula Hoop to create the circle design. I added the balloons directly onto the frame. Same technique with the Orange and Red Gazebo Frame.  

(Below) This round design is what I call a 3D piece. I like that the balloons are full throughout the design.

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Examples of TRIANGLE designs are perfect for corner designs and perfect for backdrops, or placing over the dance floor. People young and old love dancing under balloons. No framing needed to create this look. The design is rigged to the ceiling

Examples of VERTICAL designs – creating the drama. Vertical decor makes a statement placed anywhere in the room. It’s a conversation piece for sure. This design was created using a straight conduit or PVC pipe that is commonly used for a classic balloon column

Examples of VERTICAL designs – creating the drama. Vertical decor makes a statement placed anywhere in the room. It’s a conversation piece for sure. This design was created using a straight conduit or PVC pipe that is commonly used for a classic balloon column

Example of SPACE designs – allows some elements to stand apart and the impression of unity. This mini organic baby shower piece included a Footprint helium filled  Bubble Balloon, and  the added organic balloon clouds cascading from the ceiling. Using the full event space to connect the design.

Example of CURVE designs – reflecting grace. This fun curvy design was created by first designing the frame, then adding balloons and following the pattern. It’s important to balance frame and the appropriate weight to prevent the design from tipping over.

Example of DIAGONAL designs -Expressing Uncertainty. Diagonal designs are popular with Demi Arch designs. This diagonal style is frameless and rigged to the ceiling. The Pink Demi Arch below was created on a frame because of the high traffic area the Demi Arch was placed in. .

Example of TEXTURE designs (above pic- The demi Arch has confetti stuffed balloons, standard latex and Chrome Balloons. The Organic Ceiling design has foil stars and fringes) – there is no limit to what can be incorporated to create a  texture design. From plain latex balloons to printed or stuffed. From foils to flowers, from stuffed animals to paper flowers, from greenery to lights, if it works for the design outcome, add it! 

This organic garland design has fresh baby’s breath flowers, Chrome Balloons, Pearl Balloons, Stuffed balloons, Glitter filled balloons and satin ribbons.

(Below) Here is another design using just a foil Peacock balloon and with an organic garland. For this piece I used a frame.

What’s Securing Your Designs?

With every design there needs to be some kind of support attached to secure the design and hold it in place. 

Some commonly used framing and weights can be found when creating Arches, Columns, Garland and Swags

Organic Arches are typically supported by using Conduit or PVC poles attached to weighted base plates to prevent the decor from falling over. The conduit or PVC can be bent in shapes and is  Typically used for Arches, Demi, Square, Circle, letter and number shaped designs to name a few.

Organic Columns are typically supported with a straight frame (conduit or PVC or Monofilament) and base plate or sand weights. Some trendy column designs are curvy and slightly arched styles.

Organic Garland/Swag are typically frameless and created using monofilament, 260Q or linked balloons, and supported by sand weights, magnetics and various rigging methods . Swags or Garlands are loosely assembled so that the design is not stiff. Garlands or Swags are used as table runners, stair banisters, draped from the ceiling, to wrap around frames, and so on.

Organic Walls are created in a variety of ways. Some are created using linked chains of balloons tied together and stuffed with various sized balloons. Cluster of balloons tied together and arranged by stacking the clusters on top of each other or side by side. The square pack columns create a super easy wall for adding balloons to create the organic look. Spiral balloon columns are used as well to create walls, and to add a variety of balloon sizes to create an organic wall..

Of course you will find what works for you to support your design. 

A few things to keep in mind when trying to figure out how to support your designs. Never nail anything to the wall or to anyone’s private property.. Never duck tape or use glue dots to secure your designs to a wall. It’s unprofessional as well. The balloon industry sells all kinds of safe rigging tools. Stay tone to my blog on rigging tools and when to use them.

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