Julie Cylla

Owner, Manager

Bachelors Of Business Administration

Certified Balloon Artist

International Award Winning Balloon Artist

Invited Balloon Artist to the 2019 Big Balloon Build in Wales, United Kingdom

First place winner in the International Balloon Month “Life Up Somebody” for “Best Promotion of Smart Balloon Practices” category by The Balloon Council (TBC).


 You may ask, how did you get into the balloon business?

My mom, my sister Patricia and I have been decorating events for family and friends under a business I owned and operated called Unveil Your Dreams, Inc. We were not into balloon decor until it came time to find the perfect balloon artist for my sister Patty’s first baby shower in 2001. I simply couldn’t find a artist that was into the giant sculptures that I envisioned and wanted for the baby shower, at least not locally. Although I had never personally seen large balloon sculptures like the ones I was imagining for baby shower, I new it was possible create. That’s if I could find that creative balloon artist that “thought outside the box” like me. Nope! we settled for the famous 3 balloons and a weight for the balloon decor. My vision vanished! It wasn’t until I purchasing party supplies from a local wholesaler, that I stumbled across a balloon magazine called Image. I was speechless and motionless because I saw for the first time that my vision of giant balloon sculptures actually existed. I read every word in that magazine and found information on taking balloon classes. Yelp, that’s a thing!

I started searching around for local balloon classes and found balloon courses 101 & 102 at a local community College. I finished the basic courses, but I needed more because I wanted to create the impossible someday. I starting attending balloon workshops, seminars and conventions across the country. It wasn’t until 2007, after 4 years of training, that I decided to obtain my CBA certification. In 2010 I decided to register and file a balloon business. That year my mom’s was diagnosed with cancer that was advancing fast. I was forced to put my business on hold to care of my mom, and now my dad who suffered from a stroke about 6 months before my mom passed away in 2011. The roles switched and I was now caring for both my parents, and my own family and working a full time job. I continuing to care for my dad until he was stable enough to care for himself and later live independently. It wasn’t until 2014 when I slowly rejoined the balloon industry, then I lost my dad in 2015. That same year I decided it was time to focus on my passion. Since, I’ve been able to continue train to keep up in skill and trends. My mission as a balloon decorated is to guarantee to my customers that their balloon artist can take their vision of think “outside the box,” and my skills to build what seems impossible for their special events.  

Patricia “Patty” Boynton

Creative Design Team & Crew

Hi, I’m Patty.  Julie and I have produced some amazing designs through the years. My background extends to a Certified Event Planner, which I retired from to raise my new baby girl Kelly. I do plan to regain my position as an Event Planner, but for now, I want to enjoy my High School aged teenager. I bring with my strong customer service skills, my creative flair for fastinking and attention to details. 

I’m a strong believer that you get what you pay for and what you value. We value our customers and treat their events as if it were our own. Our customers trust our insight on making their decor unique. My job is to ensure that your vision is met with our skills, resources and professionalism.

Matthew (Matt)

Delivery Team/Crew

Matt is a star delivery master and he has the perfect attitude and smile that our customers love to rate his service a 5 stars. 


Crew/Delivery Team

Balloon inflation station, Installation and our other 5 star rating delivery master. Our customers just love the professional way he handles their delivery orders

CeAira “Sweetie” Hooks

Crew Member

Sweetie, the Part-Time-On-Time Assistant for just about anything needed when extra help is needed. CeAira is also TNBC professional make-up artist that beats the hell out of our FACES (not literally) check out our profiles. We look Flawless!