Michigan Business Wins #LiftUpSomebody Photo Contest

Trenton, N.J. – Julie Cylla of Michigan, has been named a winner in the International Balloon Month #LiftUpSomebody photo contest sponsored by The Balloon Council (TBC).

The contest asks balloon enthusiasts around the world to post their best photos on social media to show how they used balloons to “lift up” somebody in their local community as part of the #LiftUpSomebody campaign.

“TBC would like to congratulate all of the winners, and thank all of the people who posted photos this year,” said Lorna O’Hara Executive Director of The Balloon Council.

The Balloon Council (TBC), a non-profit organization made up of responsible retailers, distributors, and manufacturers that are dedicated to educating others about the wonders of balloons and the proper handling of them.”

 Cylla, owner of Top Notch Balloon Creations won first place in the “Best Promotion of Smart Balloon Practices” category.

Top Notch Balloon Creations (Michigan) had an awesome display sharing our message “Don’t Let Go: Inflate. Weight. Enjoy.” (winning entry picture below).

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 Cylla’s winning photo will be on display during the FLOAT 2020 Convention on Jan. 26.- 30 in St. Louis, Missouri, featured on the TBC website and social media platforms, and she will receive a gift basket filled with the hottest trending balloon items from contest sponsors Anagram, Betallic and Qualatex.

Invitation to attend the 2019 Big Balloon Build in Wales, UK

Julie Cylla, Certified Balloon Artist, of Top Notch Balloon Creations located in Northville, Michigan, invited to the 2019 Big Balloon Build in Wales, Uk. Has been invited again for 2020.

“We used over 60,000 air-filled balloons to build an enchanted forest adventure for the local children with disabilities. Stuart Davies shared his visual of what he wanted to accomplish in 3 days. “A 12’ x 24’ Giant Children’s Story Book as the entrance into the fairy forest. The fairy in the story book would ask the question, “Are you ready for an adventure to Santa’s Village through the Enchanted Forest?” and would instruct the children that the only way in is through the Magic Book.

The magic book and fairy forest trail was built inside the Tonyrefail Leisure Centre Gym/Physical Fitness Center’s 60’ x 110’ basketball court – Tonyrefail, United Kingdom. Three times the size of any prior Big Balloon Build projects. (Facebook video link)


I wanted to be a part of the Big Balloon Build when I first heard about it in 2018 from Liz Romaniz, another balloon artist of Valley Party Supplies, while attending a balloon workshop in Florida. She was the first American to be invited. I went through a selection process before receiving the invitation to join the Big Balloon Build Team. I was ready and willing to commit 3 days in the UK and to work from Sunup to Sundown on whatever project I was assigned to do.
Before arriving in the UK, Stuart Davies suggested to the team to get familiar with the word Cwtch, (pronounced kutch) it is probably the most significant word in Wales and the Welsh language, and to Welsh People.

‘Cwtch’ has no literal English translation, but is an emotionally significant embrace and an intrinsically Welsh word that evokes a sense of home
“A Cwtch is what parents give to their child if they fall over, it’s something a husband and wife do to show how much they love each other. It’s what you give friends when they’re stressed or sad.

 My first day in Wales was a bit of figuring it out because my flight arrived after the build started and I had to catch a cab to the center.

 The cab driver drove through the narrow streets and stopped for me to take photos of hills with sheeps that looked like little white cloud spots,and the Gingerbread looking homes. Lol. Once I arrived at the center, Davies divided four to five teams of volunteers and assigned them to team leaders to execute his vision.

I immediately jumped into action. ”For me, it didn’t feel like a challenge when I heard how many balloons were expected to create the build. It felt like balloon paradise, total paradise to be surrounded by balloon artists around the round, focused on creating the vision. From what I understand, we finished before the expected deadline. It was amazing. We stopped for lunch and dined for dinner as a team. I believe we dined at the Beefeaters restaurant. The service, food and drinks were delicious and my experience there will never be forgotten .

“I felt privileged to be part of the Big Balloon Build, and meeting people that volunteer their time to travel to the UK for a cause. I can’t imagine what Davies has planned for us in December.
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