Get ready for a prom night that’s all about timeless elegance with our Classic Chic Balloon Decor Package. Picture this – a grand entrance under the Classic Balloon Arch, setting the stage for a VIP welcome that’ll make your senior squad feel like royalty. Roll out the red carpet, embrace the classic vibes, and turn your prom into a chic affair that’s not just an event but a memory in the making.

PACKAGE 2 Hollywood Red carpet

Cue the excitement and turn your prom into a Hollywood-style extravaganza with our Hollywood Red Carpet Balloon Decor Package. Imagine walking down the red carpet, dim lights setting the mood, and feeling like you’re at the Oscars! This isn’t just a prom; it’s your own star-studded gala. Let the Hollywood Red Carpet package make your night sparkle with dazzling performances, glitzy decor, and memories that’ll have everyone talking.

PACKAGE 3 prom casino royale

Roll the dice and gamble on an unforgettable Senior Prom Casino Royale! Picture the excitement of a stylish casino, the thrill of placing bets, and the buzz of a prom night like no other. Our Casino Royale Balloon Decor Package ensures an atmosphere of sophistication, turning your prom into a spectacular event. Capture the excitement, and make your prom night a memory that’s sure to stand out.

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